Tuesday, January 22, 2008

These are a sample of our pictures from vacation!
Gracie and Mickey at the Garden Grill
Q gave Mickey a few kisses while at the Garden Grill
This is a chair at the one of the hotels that I have picture of me sitting in when I was a baby, Gracie sitting in when she was a baby and now Q sitting in. The chair has had a few face lifts over the years but its still the same. I think its such a cool tradition and I that someday my nieces and nephews will have their pictures in it as well.
This is what traveling with 2 kids looks like!

Q in a pair of ears. So cute!
Another Mickey moment!
The whole family.
Me and Q waiting inline. Taking pictures of oursleves kept him happy.

What a FUN vacation! It was gracies 5th trip and Q's 1st. We had 9 people total and all stayed in a 5 bedroom 3 bathroom house. Thanks to my Mom and Dad for making this awesome experience happen. Ears to you Nana and Bapa! Tons of new experiences on this trip. Q's first hair cut, my little sis got engaged(keeping the family tradition alive. Yeah Dustin and Kayla (for those of you that don't know Eric and I got engaged there in 2004)) and my other sis made a video for her boyfriend in Iraq. Shout out to Aaron in Iraq!!!! It was fun to help her make it, and its always difforent because there alwsys seems to be another person added to teh bunch. Tjis year it was Q. Hoping that next year Aaron will be home safe and sound and he will be able to jion us making our group 10 people strong. Now on to planning next years trip!