Sunday, January 25, 2009

I am so darn excited!!!! I can finally show all these beautiful pieces I had the priviledge of making for Bella Blvd. This is a little gift card holder using Sweet Celebration

A Cupcake Invite using Sweet Celebration

A Mini using Pack your bags!!!

A Springtime frame using Swing Into Spring
A Birhtday layout using Sweet Celebration

I am so excited that I am now able to share all these with you! :) I hope that you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed making them. To learn more about Bella go to

Don't forget to comment to tell me what you think! I am sure that everyone at Bella Would like to know too.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

These are my two newest layouts. That picture of Q in First Ouch is one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken. The little man is currently sick with a high temp and very clingy to his mommy. So I finally got him to take a nap all by himself. Yippie! I feel so light with out him attached to my chest. I love him dearly but I needed a little sanity break so here I am on the blog. Updating it just for you my little sisters who seem to be my most loyal readers. Now that Melissa is off working at Disney these are all she ever gets to see of me and the fam until March when we are off to visit her.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

OK so I know what some of you are thinking......what the heck has Jess and family been up to since Christmas. Christmas is over Jessica! I have been busy and am ready to move on as well but it was really important for me to get all that in here so I don't loose all that info and the pictures to go with it. I might forget and then my December Daily will never get done. Above is a picture of my table at the class kick-off at the Scrapbook Store. This was the first time we decorated our tables and had more of a display then just pages out on a table. It went really well adn I look forward to teaching my Disney class in February and my Snow Pages class in March. Then next are two of my most recent pages that I have made. I love them both! I hope you enjoy them. Oh! I also was able to work with some of the Bella Blvd. product for the CHA winter show and I can't wait to show all of you what I made. It is the cutest paper and stickers! I can start to show you on the 25th! So check back after then to see the cate paper and what I was able to do with it.

December 25th-Merry Christmas!!!!!

Today was wonderful! Gracie got her Nintendo DS she really wanted from Santa as well as a "Shirt-dress" she is showing off in the above picture. Of course she got many other cool things as well. Q got tons of Wall-E and "Wheel-Wheel" stuff. I also got a new camera from my parents as well as a new dress coat. It was a great Christmas. My favorite part of the morning was the fact that Q got to his stocking and opened it up to see a candy cane......after that he was ready to call it a day. He could have cared less about all the expensive gifts that came after that. I think we can all learn something from the candycane by being happy with the little things in life. The kids go tdressed up in the evening to go over to thier Dads to open presents there. Gracie was so excited to wear her new "Shirt-dress" from her auntie M.....Q on the other hand still had his mind on the candy. Oh and that hat Q is wearing is a gift my sister got. It seems to fit Q quit nicely.

Christmas Eve! Finally on the home stretch!!!!!! Today was a great day! Gracie and I made a Gingerbread house. OK, so we didn't really make the gingerbread but we sure did decorate it. It was really fun to do that with her. Q was really into trying to steal all the candies...but luckily Nana and Bapa were on Q patrol and made sure that he did not steal them and get himself sick. We always get PJs from my parents on Christmas Eve and this year my parents were able to get ones for the kids and I that matched! The kids were so excited to match Mommy and eachother. My little sisters also get PJ's of course and theirs did not match mine. LOL But of course we all get them on and take pictures. It is fun to do these things with them still. It always brings back memories of our childhood jammies on Christmas Eve. Then finally before the kids went off to bed we sprinkled out our rindeer food for all the riandeer to snack on while santa is inside getting all the presents situated. Of course there where cookies and milk for Santa. The very last thing we do before bedtime is read our new christmas story. Thsi year I got them The Little Chrstmas Tree. This was a fun tradition that I learned from the Cline family(I used to Nanny for thier kids) Every year they get a new Christmas book. Then year after year the Christmas book basket comes out and I would read those books to them at bedtime all though out the month of December. Now I have started that with my children. It is cool every year at the begining of the season to remeber the books and have an oppertunity to read them time and time again.

Thnen off to sleep.......

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

December 23rd- Once again I am not sure where the pictures of today are. I think they may be on my other SD card that is cuurently in the basement and I am a little on the lazy side today, choosing not to go down there to look for it. Today was Gracies last day of school before her winter break. That means it was the day we take all her gifts to school, she gets to wear her christmas dress that she calls her Mrs. Claus dress and she has her winter sing along. Q and I went to school early to pick her up so that we could be a part of the sing-a-long. They sing all kinds of great winter and holiday songs. Our favorite is the Polor Express. I love to hear Gracie singing " Thats the way it happend on the, roller coaster, polor express!!!!" So darn cute. Q was thrilled to be a part of it by dancing along with all the songs. He then had to track sister down before she headed back to class toget her jacket on. He wanted to give her a hug and say good job singing Gracie! So fun.

December daily- I am determined to finish this up so that when I finally get around to it I can finish up the album.

December 22nd- no matter the time of day, the temperature outside, the hurry we are in Q has to "touch it" the snow that is. So on our way in and out of the house we have to dip down and he touches the snow. He sometimes takes a big handful of the snow and then looks at me with a bit of anger in his face as if I put it there. Then he usually yells COLD COLD!!!! STOP IT!!! Then I have to remind him that the snow in his hand is easily gone if you would just open up your hand. He then puts his hand on my face and I say Burrrr cold. It is a daily thing we do and lucky for him there is much more snow to come. (PS I have to find the pictures of him actually touching the snow...I can't find it right now and will hopefully find it soon becasue this picture of Q kinda looks like a deer in the headlights look. LOL)

Friday, January 02, 2009

More Daily Catch up.....I have been a December Daily drop out I guess due to life but I will hopefully get to posting the rest of the days throughout the day today!

December 2oth-Dustin came over to enjoy the snow with the kids! It was great to have someone who enjoys snow as much as they do! He was a big kid out there with them and such a joy to watch. I am glad you are back in our lives Dustin (I know him and Kayla read this blog) They made Tupperware snowman with all Tupperware pieces for the nose, buttons and such. Really in this house do you expect anything else? My Mom and I were having so much fun finding all the pieces for them to use for the snowman.