Monday, October 27, 2008

A busy Mommy!

Wow we have been a busy little family over the past month. A lot has changed in my life in this time as well. Although some of those changes have been hard and stressful I have faith in myself that I will continue to be strong in my hardest of times! My children are such a blessing and though all of the drama in my stage of life they have been there with smiles on their faces and always ready to curl up with a good book and a little cuddle time. We had a great time at the pumpkin farm although the only thing we did not do was to actually get a pumpkin! I know its weird but the line to go out to the field was like an hour long. So instead we just did allthe other stuff like look at the animals, ride the rain, ride the ponies, play at the little playground and eat some yummy treats. The kids did kiss a pumpkin though :) I don't even think anyone cared that we did not actually get a pumpkin!