Thursday, March 31, 2011

A special addition of what I know for sure......

When kids are sick stuffed animals are good but Mommy is best!

If you are tired enough you will sleep sitting up.

He's still so stinkin' cute even when he's as sick as can be!

(Q was in the hospital for a couple days with Pneumonia but is now home getting better. We are happy to have him home and getting better. :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

What I know for sure....this week
Writing your grocery list out in a fun color at least makes it feel more fun then it really is.

You can stack laundry on 6 month old babies and they wont notice
Folded laundry does not put itself away.

Seeing this mock interstate sign makes me miss "the happiest place on earth"

Friday, March 25, 2011

Inspired-take 2

Today's everyday object of inspiration....laundry piles.

Everybody has laundry and I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume that most have piles of it at some point in their daily routine. I look it it a lot! After all this time I finally realized it could inspire a layout. In the laundry pile shown above there is layers and layers of clothing some colors stick out and some just blend in to the backround. While the colors that pop may draw our eye, without the drab the bright wouldnt stand out. So I decide to make a layout with a ton of layers and a few clors that really pop while letting the others just melt into the backround.

Some things that blend in are the turquise mist, the lighter flowers and the plain white paper.

I really wanted to turquoise flowers to be the equivalent of the hot pink blanket in the pile of laundry.

Here it is.....they layout inspired by you all have an excuse to leave laundry all around the house until the inspiration hits you....or atleast thats what you can tell others. :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have been asked repeatedly through the years what inspires me. I never really knew how to answer that question until recently. Mainly because I wasn't totally sure where it came from. I took the easy way out and said my kids. Now I can tell you it is more then the standard kids answer. I have figured out that if I look at an object long enough (or in most cases, frequent views in short time spans) I can see the beauty in boring day to day items. I take a look at it from a different perspective and then it hits me! Boring items are inspiring too!

Now Oprah might have a fancy word for this kind of thing, "ah-ha moment", but I think for me it just might be the lack of sleep in combination with the desperate need for time to be creative. None the less I have to give Oprah thanks for giving it a schnazzy name.

So here is my first in the serious of inspired by daily life layouts.....

The daily life object:
The back of the Chex box- I know some of you out there might be thinking....What? I don't see anything cool about this. Then you need to borrow yourself a 6 month old baby who is teething and wake up every 20 min. This lack of sleep will give you just the crazy different view of the box you need.

Look closer.....
Do you see it yet?

The circle of Chex has now become a circle of paper!

And voila! The layout inspired by a box of Chex!!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

For sure....

On the last page of every O magazine Oprah has an article called "What I Know For Sure" I was inspired by this concept and decided to think about what I know for certain. It may not be as grand as Oprah's "known's" but none the less this is......

What I Know For Sure

Lotion does not make good soap....thank you Quintin, I would have never known this without you.

Almost 9 year old's are very silly people.

4 year old's are not the best Cake Pop making helpers.

6 month old babies love their feel, by love I mean, cant wait to rip the socks off so they can get a good grip on them and never let go love.

This adhesive totally rocks! I use it all the time.

No matter how hard I try, my fridge is destined to be a mess of kid schmutz, and I love it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

He makes me so happy!

He works so hard for our growing family.
He makes me smile and laugh more then anyone else.
He treats me two older children as if they are his own.
He always makes time for the children, even when he's super exhausted.
He knows me so well.
He gets me and loves me for who I am.
He listens to me.
He makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.
He is just the greatest guy I have ever met!!!!

I love him so much, and On Saturday.........


My ring is so beautiful and he proposed to me in such a sweet way. By sweet I mean both literally and figuratively, The waitress at Flemming's brought my ring out in a box of chocolates with our dessert. ( He had given it to her earlier in the night) Then we had a glass of champagne to toast our new engagement. What a perfect way to ask me. It was a great date night!