Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just thought I would share with you what we were up to one year ago on St. Patrick's Day. Miss Gracie sang St. Patrick's Day songs at her school. It was super cute. Q was so little! He was only a little over a month old. He was probably sleeping when I snapped that picture of him with those sunglasses on. They were green so what better day the St. Patty's day. This year there isn't really anything special planned. Gracie and Q both have really cute shirts to wear and Gracie has dance class so it will be a crazy evening. Then I will probably scrapbook after the kids get to bed! Maybe I will use green pattern paper to celebrate the holiday!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Well Gracie and I spent the night in the ER due to her asthma. So she is home from school again. Of course this is after I stayed up really late to complete this..

I was up until midnight working on it for a challenge over at The challenge was to use a sketch that they provided. I have never participated in a challenge before and I had so much fun with it that I am working on another one right now that you have to use Rusty Pickle Products and doodle. Considering I used to get in trouble in school for doodling I think this one will be tons of fun! Well I better get back to taking care of the kidlets and scrapping.....oh and I guess I should do at least a little housework.

Monday, March 10, 2008

OK, so things have been a bit strange around here. That same day of my last post Q started to act sick.....then by Sunday I was sick and now we are back to Monday and Gracie is sick again. We sent her off to school today and she seemed a bit whiney but not to sick to go to school. So off she went. Then by 2 I got a phone call that I needed to come pick her up bacause she had a 101 fever. Grrr I don't like all this sickness. But maybe we will all get it out of our system and we will be on our way living happily ever after.

On another note the scrapbook mojo is still flowing as I scrapbook every day when the kiddies are asleep. So now I must get my housework done so I can get scrappin when my two little munchkins go to bed!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Here are some of my newest pages! I am really on a scrapbooking roll lately, whipping one out every day! I spend a lot of time on each layout. Add to that my little girl is sick and my little boy thinks shes home to be his personal play date....and the broken elbow...and the housework. OK, OK make a long story short there is little time left for the fun stuff.

And here are some fun facts about me (at the request of a friend...she says I don't share enough about myself)........

I LOVE baked goods! I could eat them all day long
No one should live without Crocs....if you think they are ugly or not they are so awesomely comfy
I canceled my cable and I don't miss it! I find it easier to get things done. Plus it saves money for a new camera and more scrapbook goodies.
I stalk the computer during CHA (Craft and Hobby Association)looking at all the new products for scrapbooking

Hope you learned something new about me today. Have a good one!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

This page I love using the KI lacy cardstock and the ribbon is from my bouquet!
This is another view so you can tell that you can see though the dots.
I made this for our ever growing schedule of events at our house. It's on our kitchen closet door.
Just another close up of the title block.

In a TOTALLY scrappy mood lately! Just thought I would share!