Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another Hold Me To It.....

I am not sure that anyone reads all these boring long posts about holding me to things...but just writing it in itself helps me hold to my commitments. So here I go.....

I have been overextending myself for years. I try to make everyone happy, meet every ones needs and never wanting to displease anyone in the process. But, really what happens is I make nobody happy including myself. I try so hard and mush myself to the limit making myself both physically and emotionally exhausted. So, from here on out I am going to limit what I commit myself to. I want to work really hard at doing the things I commit to really well making sure that I am fulfilled and I have fulfilled my duties so that others can rely on me and know that they will not have to pick up the pieces when I fall apart. No more falling apart!!!!

So that means focusing on my Scrapbooking, Tupperware and my family. Leaving out all the fluff and saying yes to every volunteer opportunity that comes along will be good for everyone!!!!!

I look forward to enjoying life a little more, being able to follow through with things and not getting sick!!!

I am starting fresh and will start with a new day tomorrow!!!!!

The new Jessica has arrived. So.....if you are reading this I want you to hold me to it.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hold Me to It......

OK, now we have the first week of summer under our belts and I am already tired! Not to mention my allergies are totally kicking my butt! This past week Gracie had Vacation Bible School. It takes us a little under 30 minutes to get to church so we spent most of our time to and from church listening to her VBS songs. There are only 5 of them so if anyone wants me to sing them I could probably do it in my sleep. Then when we have listened to those several times we move on to working on her bible verses. Yup you guessed it, I have them all memorized. So if anyone is in need of a lesson on the fruits of the spirit you let me know and I could sing you songs with hand motions and recite the bible verses for you. What a great week it was for her though, she was really loving every minute of it!!! She met new friends and learned so much. I feel really blessed to have had this week for her.

So, now onto the other stuff. I spent so much time going to and from church and working on all my Tupperware stuff that I neglected my house BIG time!!!!!! So today I am going to clean my kitchen and I want all of you reading this to hold me to it! I dislike cleaning the kitchen but it needs to be done. Nobody else is going to do it. So it might as well be today. I thought maybe if i blogged about it that I would have to be held accountable for cleaning my kitchen!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Just A Little Bit....

Here is just a little bit of what we have been up to. Gracie and I made this box filled with 40 cards for her teacher.

This is what the last day of school looks like at our house. Gracie was so sad! She did not want to leave the building. I finally got her to leave and when we got in the van she lost it. She was crying so hard. I wanted to get a picture of us being all sad and she wouldn't even let me take a picture of her. So this is what I got. She cried all the way home and then some! I think it was about 30 min. before she stopped. Poor little lady. I was crying too because I felt so bad for her. I never imagined it would have been this hard for her. We went though almost the whole year with her not liking school and not wanting to go. Then finally the last month or two she really grew to love it. Maybe this is a sign that next year will be a little easier.
If anyone ever says Gracie is not like me....look at this! A scrapbooker in training. Go Gracie!
Us at the Zoo. This was the best we could get. We are all in our Giraffe gear. Gracie is sticking her tongue out just like the Giraffes do. Q well he was just not having it....
I Love these little feet. Aren't these shoes so stinkin' cute?
First Popsicle of the season. He was so excited he kept closing his eyes and squealing with delight.
Gracie and her Popsicle. She was not interested in a photo session that day. Enough MOM she kept saying.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

LAST DAY!!!!!!

Today is my dear Gracie's last day of Kindergarten. Remember way back in September when I was saying wow what do I do with all of this time that I now have? I am shocked that I even said that! I don't have time now. I have Q here who keeps me super busy and a ton of this and that to do with my scrapbooking sandwiched in between. My poor house is covered in scrapbook stuff right now....well any flat surface above the height of my little man. So that includes the kitchen table, and the counter space next to it. I so badly wanted to get it all spic and span before little miss muffet comes home from school for the summer. But.....life got in the way and I started making teacher gifts, doing Tupperware parties, hanging with my Q outside, and scrapbooking like a mad woman.



Yeah whats my life without a crazy story.......

Q ate a pistachio.

He is Allergic! We of course did not know that until he ate it and preceded to cough, get red, throw up, and get really really swollen. I decided that it was time to go to the ER. I swiftly buckled him in his car seat and off I went. As soon as I hopped on the express way. He started to drift off to sleep. As a women with a peanut allergy herself I KNEW this is NOT good! So I start to go......oh you know 95 miles an hour. I am singing really loud, making noises, and doing anything I can to keep him awake. I whip my minivan into the ER parking space all funky. I jump out of my seat and grab Q running into the ER. I see that they are slammed with patients! There was not an empty seat in the room. I was overwhelmed and I yelled. He's Allergic! Yeah I know I just could not form any other words then that at the time. So their nurse rushes over and checks him out. Within seconds we are in a room surrounded by 2 doctors and 3 nurses. He was hooked up to a pulse-ox machine, a heart monitor, and oxygen all while a nurse is administering an epi-pen. At this time I can see the pulse ox says he is at 89 (not good-that means he is only at 89% of the oxygen that he needs) and his heart rate is at 200! Yeah total freak out going on in my brain., But on the surface I remained calm. Within a few minutes he seemed to get a little better and then slowly things started to go down to normal. But....yeah there is a but, when they administer an epi-pen you have to stay there for 6 hours! That's right....6! So we were there parked in the ER until 3am. Yippee. I instantly said oh that's cool..lead me to the coffee. So my Mom had just arrived to help me out and sat with the little man while I went and got a large cup of coffee. Soon after my mom left I was able to get Q down to sleep. It was about 11pm. Nothing was on TV except Access Hollywood. I just sat there with him on my lap and dozed off around midnight in a super awful hard chair. FUN!!!!! Let me tell you that was a crazy night. I didn't even really hit me until the next morning when I was standing in the bathroom....Did that really just happen??????No? Oh yeah now I see the bags under my eyes. Here I come Starbucks get out the double shot for me today.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

I GOT A DISHWASHER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I know I am a super dork but I am so excited as I have lived for the last 2 years without a dishwasher. Word to the wise living without a dishwasher with 2 kids is not a wise choice. Now I think I can stop using paper plates all the time. I have these beautiful back and white dishes that I think we have used all of 10 times. Poor Gracie is always asking if we can use the "fancy dishes" So now I can finally say Yes! We have used our Tupperware plates a lot but it will be nice to actually use the fancy ones.

I have even contemplated making layout about how excited I am about this new modern day marvel......but the jury is still out on this. Anyone know of any paper with dishwashers on it....Ha ha ha!

Here is some of my newest work that I have created.

A card for Gracie to give to her at her dance recital that is in 2 weeks. On the inside it says reach for the stars
I looooove my little mans feet. They are so stinkin' cute!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Clear Disney Album:

Page #1-the cover pictured below
Page #2-The vellum sheet
Page #3- The small journaling circle
Page #4-pictured below
Page #5-Magic transparency pictured below
Page #6-pictured below
Page #7-medium jounaling circle
Page #8- pictured below
Page #9- pictured below
Page #10-pictured below

Hope everyone enjoyed the class as much as I liked teaching it. I look forward to seeing you all again in the next Disney class! If you have any questions please feel free to email me or leave a comment here on the blog!