Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blog Catch Up

Ok it has been a very busy time in our household so I'm hopefully going to play a little catch up this weekend. So lets start with my 12 project. Here is my day in 12 photos from the 12th of February in my house.

Q isn't allergic to dairy anymore (he grew out of his allergy) so he has been trying every dairy product under the sun. For his birthday my mom and dad got him tons of cheesy stuff to try. He starts his day with dairy and ends it that way. He loves it!!!!

 Olivia's new favorite thing is to watch Disney parades on Youtube with her siblings and dance along to the music
This is probably the #1 parade of choice. "Move It-Shake It-Celebrate It"

 Of course you need to kiss your sister after watching and dancing to several parades.

 Then its time to get ready for the day....and this is how she wants to do it.

 And we thought she was not going to be girly....we are proven wrong.

 A new cupcake shop opened up in our area. And now that Q can have dairy and Grace can have wheat (she grew out of her wheat allergy) we can get normal cupcakes for the majority of us. Olivia will still need a special one but hopefully she will someday grow out of her allergies as well.
 She was really mad at Gracie for not getting her the right snack from the cupboard. She has quit the personality!!!!

 Showing daddy that she can now eat with a spoon. Such a big girl. My kids love rice with spaghetti sauce.
 This is Qs 100th day of school project that he made. He put 100 tiny photos on it.
After the kids got to bed mommy got crafty.  I have been working hard on a new project called Mouse Ideas. Stay tuned for more on this. Cant wait to get it all set up to share it.
 I finished this layout today 11 months ago on the 12th of March we got engaged. We have a thing for 12.