Thursday, November 20, 2008

OK, I am really tired! I was just over reading my friend Elizabeth's blog and she sounds as tired as I am! What is it? She thinks it has to do with the weather and I have to agree. I am sitting here with my little one on my lap waiting for him to fall asleep. He is so tired and will not give in today! I have so much to do, and places to go, but it's all a little hard to do with a sub-2 year old on your lap that just wants Mommy! So the computer is where I will be until he decides that sleeping is whats best for him right now. I have not been scrapbooking much over the last few days, but i have been Tupperware-ing like a mad woman! So hopefuilly today I will get everything done I want to and still have time for a little snooze!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

I've actually started to scrapbook again. After months of not creating anything I am going at full steam now! Oh how it helps with the stress level. The one above is using Bella Blvd. paper. My friend Stephanie is the owner of this awesome company. You should go check out the blog!
The tress in this one are also Bella Blvd. I used a lot of different companies on this one. I just love that little stuffed full of banana look.
Yes, I made Q's Wall-E costume. He did nto wear it long but it was still cute. I also hand cut the Wall Paper piecing.
Look at that face! Need I say more?

Yes thats me with Mickey in the 80's Proof that my love for the mouse started early!

Amaya's feet. I love when my friend Heidi gives me the oppertunity to photograph her children. So Sweet!

My Q's little belly! Ahh, I love it!