Wednesday, December 08, 2010


I know your all loosing sleep out there in the blog world because you haven't seen anything creative on this blog in a very long time. I became concerned and wanted you all to get a good nights sleep tonight as it is cold and flu season so we should all take good care of ourselves. LOL (Sometimes I think I'm so funny)

This is the latest layout I have made: Its my first look into the little one we now call Olivia. So yes, to all those who have asked me, I do still scrapbook. Just not as much.

I've also branched out into other crafts. Like this tree skirt. I just didn't want to pay $40 for a tree skirt. So I made one for $10.

I'm not the only creative one around here....Q very creatively decorated his Christmas tree. It makes me smile! He was so proud of it. ( Make note of all the ornaments on the same branch.)

Then there's the creativity in the kitchen with Gracie and Nana. They made chocolate covered pretzels. Not just 30 or 40 of them but several hundred.
Have a creative day!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

She Smiles!A lot. Isn't it great? It might not be the best photograph, or the best angle but its the first smile caught on camera. So, to me its perfect!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thank You Mamaroo!
This little contraption by 4Moms is quit possibly the best invention ever! It is responsible for letting mommy sleep for 8 hours last night. Yep, Miss Olivia slept for 8 whole hours last night. I love that the Mamaroo moves like I do when I am walking around with her trying to sooth this little acid reflux princess. it also makes water sounds that trick her into thinking we are standing in the bathroom. Plus i think that Mamaroo is a really cool name for a product.

P.S. My Mamaroo was making funny noises so I called the company up and in a matter of days I had a new one at my doorstep. There arent that many companies with great customer service like that anymore! So needless to say I would recommend this product to any new Mommy!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sleeping Like A Baby???

OK, everyone knows the saying "Sleep like a baby" Right? It got me thinking......would I really want to sleep like a baby? Would I want to wake up from a sound sleep every 2 to 3 hours absolutly starving and need to eat asap! Would I want to be asleep and have to be moved from car seat to crib and back again? Would I want to only wake up because my pants are soggy? No way! Id rather sleep like a teenager. They can sleep for hours if not an entire day without needing anything! They can sleep through a tornado, earthquake or even little siblings. So would you rather sleep like a baby or soundly like a teenager?

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Oh how I love baby feet. I can't seem to get enough of them. As we come into the colder months I only get to see them when they are in the bathtub or when changing into a new outfit. I must confess that sometimes I pull off a sock while she is eating just to kiss those little toes.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude

I tell me kids to have an "attitude of gratitude" all the time. I think it is important for kids to be greatful for things both great and small in their life. As we approach Thanksgiving it always reminds me, as the Mommy, to be thankful as well. So this month I am reminding myself daily of the little moments I am greatful for.

I am greatful that Q has finally decided that Olivia is pretty cool to have around. No more poking and prodding her. No more fits that he doesn't want a baby in this house. No more yelling I'm the baby here!!! Thanks Q, its great to see you love her so much, I always knew you would.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The cutest

Isn't she the cutest reason to hibernate? I think so! I would do it again in a heartbeat to have such a blessing brought into my life.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Out of hibernation

I am now out of hibernation and back to blogging. The last 7 months of my life have been some of the most WONDERFUL times of my life, as well as some of the most trying. While I have not been much of a scrapbooker I have been a memory maker and a documentor of life. Now finding the time to scrapbook these memories will be a challenge to say the least, but is doable as long as I sleep only a few minutes a day. :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We have had one heck of a time at this house trying to stay healthy. Its been a long 6 weeks or so and we still have 2 of us on Antibiotics. I think we are finally on the mend and will all be back to normal soon. Then it will be back to playful kids, a scrapbooking Mommy and a happy healthy group!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Some more Disney....I need a dose of magic these days as Q is getting over an ear infection, I had a touch of food poisoning and poor Gracie is still hanging on to some Pneumonia. I feel at this point that God really intended for me to be a nurse :)

You know what I love about these pictures? Look at the layers come off as each day it gets a bit warmer...... It gives me a little giggle, and giggles in themselves can be all the magic you need sometimes!

Have a magical day!

Monday, February 08, 2010

They love each other so much! It is so sweet to watch them care for each other day in and day out. No one could have prepared for me for the love that would pour out of these two for one another. I thought that since they are five years apart and different genders that maybe it would be a bit like raising two only children in the same house. I was wrong and I couldn't feel more blessed, happy and overjoyed at the love I get to see each day.
Look at how she helps her little brother over the snow to show him off to all her friends on the playground. It was a great way for him to feel special on his birthday. All the presents, cake and birthday happenings in the world couldn't replace this special lunch we had with Gracie that was priceless and something I think we will remember for years to come. As well as something we will repeat next year. I guess the best present is a little extra time with big sister :)

Sunday, February 07, 2010


Last weekend we discovered new ways to combat the winter blues. It was a very fun time at the Discovery World Museum. Q was without the stroller and had a blast from start to finish. He isn't in many pictures due to the fact that he was very busy exploring the museum usually with Auntie Kayla in hand. Gracie of course really enjoyed it all as well. I think the picture of Gracie and I in the reflection of the round mirror is one of my favorite pictures of her and I. The best part was I was just there trying to see if what I wanted to do was going to work and she jumped in right at the perfect time. We have decided that this event was so fun for all of us that we will continue to scour our city for ways to fight off the winter blahs once a month.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My little man is 3!!!!!!!

I can't believe that he is 3 already. I really thought that 2 would never end....really I was terrified!! Every year when my children turn a year older I become a Hodge-podge of emotion. I feel slightly sad because they are getting older and getting further and further from being my little baby and closer to adulthood. I feel happy to see them move onto a new stage and happy to watch the growth in many different ways. I feel a little sentimental as I look through their baby scrapbooks and wonder where the time has gone. But, most of all I am happy to see them experience life!

So happy birthday little man! I hope today is a good one.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Top 10 Vacation Photos

I know some of these aren't great photography wise but they are great because the of the people in them. I've finally learned that not every photo has tp be fantastic lighting, placement etc. but it's the people that make them great.My Dad walking with the kids. They sure do have a great time together!

Doug and I out on the observation deck at the California Grill after a nice dinner.

Gracie and Doug laughing about who knows what as we wrapped up our last day at the Magic Kingdom.
Q holding my Dads hand while on his sholders watching the Block Party Bash Parade.

Gracie with Kayla right before we jammed out at the Move It! Shake It! Celabrate It! Parade (Kayla always says there are never any pictures of her...well Kalya I proved you wrong!)

Q and Gracie with Minnie at Chef Mickey's...ummmm check out my sons eyes! LOL

Q really wanted to get in this car with the Dino at Animal Kingdom. Can you spot his little head popping out?
Gracie really enjoyed the puppets in China at EPCOT. She ended up buying a smaller one but of course it was a giraffe!
Just love how the sun hit spaceship earth as we walked into EPCOT.

Gracie and Kayla acting silly while shopping on the Boardwalk! Yeah, you two are very scary "Gangsta's"

Monday, January 18, 2010

Welcome back to reality!

I'm back from the most magical place on earth and thrust right into reality. More on that later first lets talk Disney!

We had a wonderful time at Disney World once again and once again we can't wait to embark on our next visit. It started off really cold but it warmed up by then end of the trip so we were able to actually wear Capri pants and no jackets! Yippee!

In an effort to not babble incessantly about Disney I will review it for you in Top 10 form

Here's my top 10 moments from the entire vacation:

10) Being extremely close to the giraffe on the safari ride.
9) The Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It parade with Gracie and Kayla
8) Breakfast at Chef Mickey's with the whole family!
7) Matching family t-shirt day. They turned out really cute M and K!!!!
6) Out to dinner with Doug and my parents.
5) The ride home on day 4 when Q couldn't stop talking about Disney and life in general. Too funny!
4) Illuminations at EPCOT, always a favorite!
3) Dinner at Whispering Canyon the last night, I want to go back there when we are not so tired!
2)Meeting the fairies with Gracie. Tinkerbell sure is a spitfire!
1) Sharing my magical place with Doug...and he actually liked it.

This picture says it all! We had a great time!!!!!

Then... reality hit!

After arriving home I took the van out to run errands and guess what?!? My van broke down. It wasn't to much of a hassle as it did get fixed. Also both kids got sick and we have been home all week from work and school because of it. So reality decided not to waist any time and make sure I knew I was home! :) Ahhh life gotta love it!

Friday, January 01, 2010

I did it, I did it!!!!
December Daily Day 22

Tonight the kids went to spend some time with their Dad so I feverishly wrapped presents until all were neatly wrapped and tucked under the tree. I think it was about midnight when I finally finished the job.

My family gives me a hard time every year about my wrapping. They love to poke fun at my process. Yet, every year they also love how cool the finished process turns out. They laugh as I search high and low for a theme for my wrapping. Then I tear apart my ribbon drawer in search of the perfect matching ribbons to adorn the packaging. I even find ornaments that can be tied to the packages that match. Then the final step is making the matching gift tags. It's like scrapbooking around a package. How fun is that!!!!!
Fa la la la
December Daily Day 21

Gracie had her winter school concert today. It was such a cute performance by all the grades. Even entertaining for a very energetic 2 year old. We all really enjoyed it as well as I think Gracie really enjoyed performing with her classmates.

She woke up this morning not feeling ill but insisted that she needed to be at school for the final performance rehearsal for the concert. She got dressed and sluggishly went about her normal morning routine. I told her that she could always call me if she couldn't make it and I would come to pick her up. She insisted over and over again that she was not going to miss any part of her day! I love how determined she was not to let her classmates down! What a trooper!
Ho Ho Ho
December Daily Day 20

Today we took a little pilgrimage to the mall for a visit to see Santa. We got all decked out in our matching Christmas gear and waited our turn to see the big guy in red! I thought for sure Q was not going to do well with this whole process. So, I decided it was best for me to tag along with. To my surprise he did very well! I don't know if that was because I was right there with him or if it was because he just naturally would have been OK. All I know is that I was happy to have been there to listen in. It was just so stinkin' cute! Gracie was her normal sweet self and Q was just as sweet after a great example set by his sister. Gracie said she wanted the American Girl Doll Kit and Littlest Pet Shops and Q said he wanted a Tractor and a Scoop It. My Mom said that it was They booth said thank you and walked away as happy as can be. Then after the visit we sat down and my sister snapped a few pics of the three of us. Good job Auntie Kayla!
A Walk Through Candy Cane Lane
December Daily Day 19

Tonight Gracie was supposed to meet up with the Milwaukee Children's Choir to go caroling down Candy cane Lane. (For those of you who read this that are not from the area- It is a neighborhood that has nearly every house filled with Christmas lights to raise money for charity. It is commonly driven down in your car and over the years has become a tradition for many family to come see the lights.) We got there and there was not anyone in site to carol with. I thought, is this a joke?
Did I show up on the wrong day?
Did I drag my kids out and it was canceled?
Instead of sit there and allow myself to get angry or dwell on the negative I decided to just let it be. We all walked around and looked at the lights and just enjoyed the moment. It was very cold so the moment wasn't all that long. Gracie did manage to find a huge chunk of ice she has named her "ice baby" ( Remember the snow babies from an earlier blog...I think they might be cousins) Gracie must be getting into the snow/ice adopting business because we will soon have an entire nursery of snow and ice babies in the yard.

Look how scared poor Gracie looks next to her crabby brother! Sorry you two it makes me laugh I had to share it :)

All in all we saw the lights, we sang songs anyway and it will be a memorable time. Oh, and for those of you wondering how the heck I got it wrong? I guess there was some information passed along that I'm not sure I got (or maybe threw away) we were to meet in a parking lot of a church and head out from there. Either way it was still fun!