Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Top 10 Vacation Photos

I know some of these aren't great photography wise but they are great because the of the people in them. I've finally learned that not every photo has tp be fantastic lighting, placement etc. but it's the people that make them great.My Dad walking with the kids. They sure do have a great time together!

Doug and I out on the observation deck at the California Grill after a nice dinner.

Gracie and Doug laughing about who knows what as we wrapped up our last day at the Magic Kingdom.
Q holding my Dads hand while on his sholders watching the Block Party Bash Parade.

Gracie with Kayla right before we jammed out at the Move It! Shake It! Celabrate It! Parade (Kayla always says there are never any pictures of her...well Kalya I proved you wrong!)

Q and Gracie with Minnie at Chef Mickey's...ummmm check out my sons eyes! LOL

Q really wanted to get in this car with the Dino at Animal Kingdom. Can you spot his little head popping out?
Gracie really enjoyed the puppets in China at EPCOT. She ended up buying a smaller one but of course it was a giraffe!
Just love how the sun hit spaceship earth as we walked into EPCOT.

Gracie and Kayla acting silly while shopping on the Boardwalk! Yeah, you two are very scary "Gangsta's"


Katherine said...

The "gangsta" one is my favorite. Looks like a lot of great memories.

Morgan said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation.

Sheri said...

Love the Gangsta picture!