Monday, January 18, 2010

Welcome back to reality!

I'm back from the most magical place on earth and thrust right into reality. More on that later first lets talk Disney!

We had a wonderful time at Disney World once again and once again we can't wait to embark on our next visit. It started off really cold but it warmed up by then end of the trip so we were able to actually wear Capri pants and no jackets! Yippee!

In an effort to not babble incessantly about Disney I will review it for you in Top 10 form

Here's my top 10 moments from the entire vacation:

10) Being extremely close to the giraffe on the safari ride.
9) The Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It parade with Gracie and Kayla
8) Breakfast at Chef Mickey's with the whole family!
7) Matching family t-shirt day. They turned out really cute M and K!!!!
6) Out to dinner with Doug and my parents.
5) The ride home on day 4 when Q couldn't stop talking about Disney and life in general. Too funny!
4) Illuminations at EPCOT, always a favorite!
3) Dinner at Whispering Canyon the last night, I want to go back there when we are not so tired!
2)Meeting the fairies with Gracie. Tinkerbell sure is a spitfire!
1) Sharing my magical place with Doug...and he actually liked it.

This picture says it all! We had a great time!!!!!

Then... reality hit!

After arriving home I took the van out to run errands and guess what?!? My van broke down. It wasn't to much of a hassle as it did get fixed. Also both kids got sick and we have been home all week from work and school because of it. So reality decided not to waist any time and make sure I knew I was home! :) Ahhh life gotta love it!


Katherine said...

Welcome back to reality. You can share in the "not so Disney world" with the rest of us. Glad you had a great time!

Mandy said...

It sounds like you had a great time!! I want to see more pictures. You just can never have too much I don't get to go til November!