Friday, January 01, 2010

A Walk Through Candy Cane Lane
December Daily Day 19

Tonight Gracie was supposed to meet up with the Milwaukee Children's Choir to go caroling down Candy cane Lane. (For those of you who read this that are not from the area- It is a neighborhood that has nearly every house filled with Christmas lights to raise money for charity. It is commonly driven down in your car and over the years has become a tradition for many family to come see the lights.) We got there and there was not anyone in site to carol with. I thought, is this a joke?
Did I show up on the wrong day?
Did I drag my kids out and it was canceled?
Instead of sit there and allow myself to get angry or dwell on the negative I decided to just let it be. We all walked around and looked at the lights and just enjoyed the moment. It was very cold so the moment wasn't all that long. Gracie did manage to find a huge chunk of ice she has named her "ice baby" ( Remember the snow babies from an earlier blog...I think they might be cousins) Gracie must be getting into the snow/ice adopting business because we will soon have an entire nursery of snow and ice babies in the yard.

Look how scared poor Gracie looks next to her crabby brother! Sorry you two it makes me laugh I had to share it :)

All in all we saw the lights, we sang songs anyway and it will be a memorable time. Oh, and for those of you wondering how the heck I got it wrong? I guess there was some information passed along that I'm not sure I got (or maybe threw away) we were to meet in a parking lot of a church and head out from there. Either way it was still fun!

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