Sunday, February 07, 2010


Last weekend we discovered new ways to combat the winter blues. It was a very fun time at the Discovery World Museum. Q was without the stroller and had a blast from start to finish. He isn't in many pictures due to the fact that he was very busy exploring the museum usually with Auntie Kayla in hand. Gracie of course really enjoyed it all as well. I think the picture of Gracie and I in the reflection of the round mirror is one of my favorite pictures of her and I. The best part was I was just there trying to see if what I wanted to do was going to work and she jumped in right at the perfect time. We have decided that this event was so fun for all of us that we will continue to scour our city for ways to fight off the winter blahs once a month.


Beth said...

Looks like tons of fun!!

Katherine said...

I love the last picture too. Very fun!!!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Very cute. It's nice you had some helpers there!