Monday, February 08, 2010

They love each other so much! It is so sweet to watch them care for each other day in and day out. No one could have prepared for me for the love that would pour out of these two for one another. I thought that since they are five years apart and different genders that maybe it would be a bit like raising two only children in the same house. I was wrong and I couldn't feel more blessed, happy and overjoyed at the love I get to see each day.
Look at how she helps her little brother over the snow to show him off to all her friends on the playground. It was a great way for him to feel special on his birthday. All the presents, cake and birthday happenings in the world couldn't replace this special lunch we had with Gracie that was priceless and something I think we will remember for years to come. As well as something we will repeat next year. I guess the best present is a little extra time with big sister :)

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AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

This is so sweet!