Thursday, November 20, 2008

OK, I am really tired! I was just over reading my friend Elizabeth's blog and she sounds as tired as I am! What is it? She thinks it has to do with the weather and I have to agree. I am sitting here with my little one on my lap waiting for him to fall asleep. He is so tired and will not give in today! I have so much to do, and places to go, but it's all a little hard to do with a sub-2 year old on your lap that just wants Mommy! So the computer is where I will be until he decides that sleeping is whats best for him right now. I have not been scrapbooking much over the last few days, but i have been Tupperware-ing like a mad woman! So hopefuilly today I will get everything done I want to and still have time for a little snooze!

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