Monday, December 01, 2008

My kids LOVE snow!!!!! So on this first day of December they were so excited to see all the snow pictured above on the ground! Gracie wanted to get a ll her gear on and go in it as soon as possible. She was elated that she has school today because that means and recess she can play in it, not once but twice!!!!! Oh what a great day this will be!
Q was standing by the window saying "WOW!!! (s)nowing Mama, Awe-fum!!!" He blew kisses to the snow, he waved to the snow, he sang to the snow, he talked to the snow he even told the snow "Wuv You"
It was a bit of a rushed morning thanks to the the 30 minute commute to Gracie's school. Today it took us a little under an hour to get there and a little over an hour to get back thanks to mother nature. I believe it has finally stopped snowing now as I write this so I am hoping that pick up will be a bit easier. I have some Tupperware work to get done after a morning of re-organizing the pantry so I should get to it!!!

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