Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December daily 16th

Today Gracie was home sick again but I think tomorrow she will be able to attend school. Tonight the sweetest thing happened. As you can see from he picture above my children were all cozy with their Bapa on the rocking chair while watching a "Wheel-Wheel" show. It is a very rare occurrence that you find Q in one position for very long not to mention hat I was able to grab the camera in time to snap a photo. He actually sat there for close to 5 minutes and a few nights ago he fell asleep in this position with my Dad and Gracie. Isn't it just so sweet? It really makes me take stock of whats important in life. Often times around the holidays we can all get wrapped up in the who-ha of the holiday and forget what's really important. Sure you can wrap up a toy or a sweater but it's the things in life that you can not wrap that really mean the most. Thanks Dad for making a difference in my children's lives!

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