Friday, December 12, 2008

December Daily December 11th

As a child one of my favorite activities around the holidays is the countdown to Christmas. We had a magnet board that you would place a new magnet every day up on the board. I remember getting so excited to do it every time it was my turn which was every three days. Leaving the other two for my little sisters to do. It is so funny to me how that little daily activity that took less then 30 seconds really stuck in my memory. I vividly remember the arguments I would get into with a 2 and a 4 year old over a silly little magnet placement. Now that I am a mother I totally get why my Mom would look at me like what is your deal you are 11, just let the little ones do it!!! I also had another one from before my little sisters were even born. I think I was around 6 when my Grandma gave me one that you would open up the little boxes everyday and another piece of the nativity scene would be in there. On the last day a little baby Jesus was in there. So once I became a mother my first instinct was to find a count down calender that we could open a new box every day. I finally found the one pictured above when Gracie was 3. It is so exciting for me as the Mom to go find little trinkets every year to fill the boxes and exciting for the kids to open them up. Last year I put littlest pet shop toys in there. This year I had to fit something for both kids in each drawer, since Q is old enough to want to participate, so it was a bit more of a challenge to fill. I found stickers, magnets, temporary tattoos and mini chocolate Santa's to fit inside. Every morning the kids are elated to see what item will be in there today. I hope that they develop as strong of a memory about the count down as I did.

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