Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Yes, my little man was not to sure about Santa, but just as we were ready to walk away he said bye and gave him a hug! So sweet! Finally Gracie is over her fear. This was really the first year I could get her to sit with Santa without getting upset.We didn't even have to wait in line to visit with the big C. Thanks to the snow that is pictured below, everybody was afraid of the snow and stayed home leaving us a lot of time with Mr. Clause.

Yes my friends it is snowing again! I am so sick of the snow it is crazy! Q and Gracie sure do love it though. It took us 2 and a half hours to get Gracie to school and then back to the house again. I am really thinking that today really should have been a snow day but who I am i to say, I am just a Mom who has to drive forever int he snow to get to school every day while people are driving 20 miles an hour on the highway. OK, I know it's pretty yucky out there but I think we can at least go faster then 20 on a freshly salted and plowed highway!!! We were supposed to go to the mall tonight to go see Santa with the kids all dressed up in there holiday best, but it won't be happening if it continues along like this. Not because I am afraid of the snow, but because I don't think I can handle all that driving. it will most likely take us another 2 and a half hours to get Gracie from school and then a trip to the mall would put us at about 6 plus hours in the car!!! Maybe I will get the kids all dressed up anyway and we will do a little photo shoot here at home. I really need to get a decent picture so that I can send them out with my holiday cards. OK, now I need to get back to the daily grind.

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