Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hold Me to It......

OK, now we have the first week of summer under our belts and I am already tired! Not to mention my allergies are totally kicking my butt! This past week Gracie had Vacation Bible School. It takes us a little under 30 minutes to get to church so we spent most of our time to and from church listening to her VBS songs. There are only 5 of them so if anyone wants me to sing them I could probably do it in my sleep. Then when we have listened to those several times we move on to working on her bible verses. Yup you guessed it, I have them all memorized. So if anyone is in need of a lesson on the fruits of the spirit you let me know and I could sing you songs with hand motions and recite the bible verses for you. What a great week it was for her though, she was really loving every minute of it!!! She met new friends and learned so much. I feel really blessed to have had this week for her.

So, now onto the other stuff. I spent so much time going to and from church and working on all my Tupperware stuff that I neglected my house BIG time!!!!!! So today I am going to clean my kitchen and I want all of you reading this to hold me to it! I dislike cleaning the kitchen but it needs to be done. Nobody else is going to do it. So it might as well be today. I thought maybe if i blogged about it that I would have to be held accountable for cleaning my kitchen!!!

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