Sunday, March 20, 2011

For sure....

On the last page of every O magazine Oprah has an article called "What I Know For Sure" I was inspired by this concept and decided to think about what I know for certain. It may not be as grand as Oprah's "known's" but none the less this is......

What I Know For Sure

Lotion does not make good soap....thank you Quintin, I would have never known this without you.

Almost 9 year old's are very silly people.

4 year old's are not the best Cake Pop making helpers.

6 month old babies love their feel, by love I mean, cant wait to rip the socks off so they can get a good grip on them and never let go love.

This adhesive totally rocks! I use it all the time.

No matter how hard I try, my fridge is destined to be a mess of kid schmutz, and I love it.


AnnaMarie said...

That's cute! Yuck with the lotion!

Elizabeth said...

your fridge is great. looks like mine. so you love the big honkin/ adhesive?? I've heard alot of people do...someday when I finish the school yearbook and no one is sick, I might get to use adhesive again and we might be able to get together! Grrrr!

jmodderman said...

AWESOME! I was hoping you would have something spectacular for me to read! It truly brightened my day! I could add a when a 6 year old ties a rope around his body and the other to the deck and jumps (Like tarzan) he will have a rope burn across his chest! Ask Andrew! Love you all and I miss you guys!
Love, Jen

Mandy said...

This is great !!!