Friday, March 25, 2011

Inspired-take 2

Today's everyday object of inspiration....laundry piles.

Everybody has laundry and I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume that most have piles of it at some point in their daily routine. I look it it a lot! After all this time I finally realized it could inspire a layout. In the laundry pile shown above there is layers and layers of clothing some colors stick out and some just blend in to the backround. While the colors that pop may draw our eye, without the drab the bright wouldnt stand out. So I decide to make a layout with a ton of layers and a few clors that really pop while letting the others just melt into the backround.

Some things that blend in are the turquise mist, the lighter flowers and the plain white paper.

I really wanted to turquoise flowers to be the equivalent of the hot pink blanket in the pile of laundry.

Here it is.....they layout inspired by you all have an excuse to leave laundry all around the house until the inspiration hits you....or atleast thats what you can tell others. :)


Djhs said...

Beautiful layout!!

Sheri said...

very cute layout! inspiration is everywhere!

AnnaMarie said...


On Katie's Jobs list is Get Dressed, Brush Teeth, Reading Time, Put Silverware Away, Put Books & Toys Away, Help Set the Table, Put Jammies On, Brush Teeth, and Give Kisses Goodnight. The first two are in the morning, the next two are anytime, and the last ones are part of our bedtime routine.

I just printed it on a sheet of paper and cut it to 8x10 to fit in the frame. This way you can change it up anytime. I like the things we chose, because it makes us having reading time and brush teeth in the morning, which we otherwise may have missed. And it makes her excited to put the silverware away. She used to say, "Nah, no thanks." when I'd ask her to do it. :) She uses a dry erase marker to mark them off (she loves making x's) and then if she does them all, she gets 9 smarties in a cup that she can eat any time. She remembers about them right away in the morning usually and eats them.

sherRae said...

Okay, I had to go and look at the back of all our cereal boxes and sure enough, I feel a layout coming on. Great layout Jessica.