Tuesday, January 06, 2009

December daily- I am determined to finish this up so that when I finally get around to it I can finish up the album.

December 22nd- no matter the time of day, the temperature outside, the hurry we are in Q has to "touch it" the snow that is. So on our way in and out of the house we have to dip down and he touches the snow. He sometimes takes a big handful of the snow and then looks at me with a bit of anger in his face as if I put it there. Then he usually yells COLD COLD!!!! STOP IT!!! Then I have to remind him that the snow in his hand is easily gone if you would just open up your hand. He then puts his hand on my face and I say Burrrr cold. It is a daily thing we do and lucky for him there is much more snow to come. (PS I have to find the pictures of him actually touching the snow...I can't find it right now and will hopefully find it soon becasue this picture of Q kinda looks like a deer in the headlights look. LOL)

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