Monday, July 20, 2009

Every year for as long as we have lived in Milwaukee (over 15 years now) our family has made The Great Circus Parade a big part of our lives. Six years ago it lost its corporate funding so it ceased to exist. Its costs a whopping 1.5 million to put this event on! Yikes! This year it was able to make its way back to Milwaukee. It was a very exciting time for us knowing that this family tradition of ours could once again become a part of our lives. Not only is it a parade but its a festival down by the lake front for the entire week before the parade. This way the public gets a chance to see the wagons up close, go to a small circus, see animals, ride animals and have the fun fair type food like snow cones and cotton candy. My dad and youngest sister Kayla were able to volunteer down at the grounds for the week which they loved! As well as my Gracie was able to sleep over one night and be somewhat of a junior volunteer. She seems to like it just as much as Dad and Kayla do. Lets all hope that this Milwaukee tradition is able to come back again soon.

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