Tuesday, October 20, 2009

December DetailsI loved working with the latest Bella Blvd Christmas line called December Details! My favorite project I have made in a long long time is this wreath! I cant wait for the holiday season to begin so I can hang this wreath on my door! (OK, I know that's a silly reason to look forward to Christmas....but its so true!) I've become obsessed with making more them!!!

My card with little jingle bells on them. I really don't send out Christmas cards (I'm just so terrible at it) It was still fun to make. :)

This layout was actually in the supplement catalog for Bella Blvd. I was so excited and honored to be featured in it. My kids say they are famous because they are in print. Isnt that so cute :)


IRW Dana said...

I love the paper flowers on your wreath, could you tell me how you made them? They are so adorable! www.papermemories4u@yahoo.com

Rhonda said...

I am in love with the wreath!! I can understand why you want to put it up! You can always beat the rush and put it up now - you will be the first on the block to decorate for Christmas -- it is ok -- they will only call you the crazy christmas lady. Hey, I have been called worse!! LOL