Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Door County

So, I've been living in Wisconsin now for about 15 years and this was my first trip up to Door county. I've always heard such lovely things about it in every season. Finally this past weekend took me for my first trip. Unfortunately when we got up there this is what it looked like :( Raining and foggy. It stayed that way until..... ...of course the day we left!!! Despite the weather we had a really nice time. I scrapbooked most of the time and he did some cooking as well as we sat out on our poarch drinking wine and watching the fog. LOL

Total side note.....Has anyone ever seen a pumpkin like this? I took pictures of it on our way around town because I had never seen anything like this lumpy bumpy pumpkin before.


Mandy said...

It's look like such a great place to go..I'm glad you had a good trip. Cool pumpkin!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Glad you made it there...4 years living there and we never did! I saw a lot of those sorts this year, but don't remember seeing too many in past years. I heard they're really hard to carve.