Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Regional Dance Competition.

This past weekend Gracie attended her very first dance competition in St Louis. She LOVED every moment of it! She was able to take classes with well known choreographers in dance styles that she normally would not have the opportunity to take at her studio as well as performed on stage 4 times. I have to admit that I had a nice time as well. (Thanks Auntie K for the shout-out to Gracie on your blog, we hope you enjoy the pictures and when you come home we have a video of it to show you. )

This is "Dance fashion" Crazy colors, fun prints and a whole lot of cute. This is what you wear to class.

Mommy and Gracie right after make-up was done She loves making the "Victoria beckham face"

They all had a little friendship/good luck squeeze circle. It was cool.

She's a little nervous in this pic. She just really wanted to do her best.

The whole group in their tap costume.

Her face says it all! She just found out they got gold in both dances and will compete again tomorrow in the "best of show".

The whole group with their teacher Kelli showing off their the ultimate award "best of show" in the Mini category. They were all running around jumping and screaming. They were so excited.



AnnaMarie said...

Wow, she's really into it, huh! Way to go!

jmodderman said...

OMG! Gracie you are so adorable in all your costumes! Congratulations on you wonderful performance in competition dance! Be proud of yourself, I am very proud of you! Love, Aunt Jen