Monday, April 18, 2011

Inspired-take 3

After a long couple of weeks with very sick kiddos I am ready to share what I have been inspired by this time around. As a Disney fanatic I am constantly inspired by Disney products, places and music. In fact, I could probably do an entire Inspired By-Disney series. None the less I was inspired by the cover of Movie we have in our home.

And here is the layout....I made a door just like the picture. I used my trusty white pen on some black cardstock. Gotta love that white pen.

And inside my door...a special little "Monster"

As a bonus for this edition of inspired by I created another layout. I was inspired by the same movie but this time by the dialog in the movie. "23-19" is a line from the movie that we repeat around this house a lot. So what better then to title the layout "23-19"


AnnaMarie said...

Yep, completely obsessed. :) Nice layouts!

Gail said...

Love that door! You are so creative! Love the doodling with the white pen too!