Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Today was the first day of school for my Gracie. It was day filled with mixed emotions. I spent last night laying in bed thinking of all the things that could go wrong. I cried and whined to my husband for longer then I am sure he would have liked. Then when the morning hit. I was crabby...way crabby because I had stressed myself out so much the night before. But as every mother knows..today was not about me so I had to nip that crabby attitude in the bud and put on a happy face. Her alarm only went off for only a few seconds( we all know that won't be so later in the year) and she shot out of bed. She was excited, singing and dancing though the house. I began to feed off of her energy and the crabby attitude began to melt away. On the ride over to school she talked about how exciting today was going to be and how glad she was that school was starting. I teared up a little because she was growing up and thriving as the beautiful 5 year old that she is. As I pulled open the sliding door of the van she saw some friends walking in and their moms that I also have become friends with from 4k last year. I remember thinking to myself, Yeah! Another mom that I know feels like I do. I love knowing that there are other emotional Moms out there and more importantly Moms that are emotional at the school we are a part of. So as we walk in she is hand in hand with her friends and just elated! I felt a wake of joy come over me. I was truly happy for her that she is loving this and for myself that I will have time to spend with little Q. What a great thing this will be for him as well. As I left her there in the line she was happy, only needed two kisses , one kissing hand (Yes we love that book for those of you that know what I am talking about) and a good bye wave. I teared up a little but felt so lucky that she was happy. I then went and had coffee with other PTA moms and we discussed the dropping off form the morning and how all that went. I was not sad anymore.

Wow! All in all that was pretty easy. I kept busy, had a good day and am looking forward to the school year. I have plenty off opportunities to see her at school with all my involvement in PTA and classroom parent. I will get to see my Gracie blossom and grow. This day has totally reminded me of what a wonderful world this truly is.

Oh and by the way when I asked her what she did today it was all bunch of rambling and then she took a deep breath before she said "And I played the flute in music class!" Then when she told my husband over dinner he asked are you good at the flute? her reply was "Well......I sure was loud!"

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