Wednesday, February 18, 2009

For Valentines day my parents and I took the kids for a surprise at Build A Bear. They had such a great time and so did the grown-ups. Afterwards we took our newly made friends to dinner in the food court. I think the may nominate me for mother of the year for letting them sit with their new bears at the table. Plus this gave us a chance to try out the new stroller. It is by Maclaren and I love, love love it!!!! It is small and light yet it pushes really nice, still reclines all the way and has a great harness that Mr. Q can not wiggle his way out of. Finally I found the perfect stoller.

For the little mans birhtday we went to Chuck E Cheese. It is so funny to me becasue neither of my children eat pizza. So they get a salad and I end up eating that yucky pizza. They also do not like Chuck E. They both run away from him! The reason that is so strange is that they run twards Mickey Mouse and away from Chuck E. Yes, I have tried the whole "it's Mickey's cousin" angle and they both didnt buy it. They really enjoy the games and play equipment so it was still tons of fun. Q got a Thomas the Train set from my parents for his birthday. As soon as he opened it, it was as if the whole world melted away and he was in his very own train land. I love how he sdores those trains so much. He even takes one to bed with him every night. So cute.

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