Thursday, February 05, 2009

Us a few days before his cute lovin' on his Mama

Cake overload form last year on his very first birthday party.

Just a few days after he was born. So sweet all wrapped up.

I just can't believe it. Q is now 2 years old. A few days ago my little mas turned two. It feels like I was pregnant with him just yesterday. He is growing up so fast. He talks all the time he's hilarious and he is turning out to have one heck of a great personality. His newest thing is that he doesen't "like it" when you hand him something he will say "like it like it" but what he really menas is that he doesnet like it. He is totally teasing you. If you ask him how old he is he will eaither say 3 or 30. Where he got that I have no clue? If you ask him what his name is he says "Twin-tin" and if you ask him who loves you? He says "MAMA!!!!!!!!" Whne he wants something he and you reply, how do you ask or what do you say? he will say "Paaaaaaweeeeeessssseeeee" practically batting his lashes with a little smile on his face. Wow! he has a lot of energy and is not all that great at sitting still for to long....for to long I mean like 30 seconds.....but he is so darn fun and makes me smile all day long. Love this little him love him love him!


Beth said...

I can't believe he's 2!! Where does the time go?

Elizabeth said...

today maddie said, "I'm going to neak a nack." LOL