Monday, March 30, 2009

OK for those of you reading this that are not die hard Disney fanatics like is my vacation in a few pictures...for the die hards I will go into detail later. :) Above is Gracie giving Mickey mailbox a smooch...just cute and shows that she loves this place as much as I do.
Gracie and I enjoying our day at Animal Kingdom. I am really proud of my sister that took this photo with the new DSLR camera and she has no clue how to use it. Good job Auntie Kay!!!
"Well Mickey...I was wondering if we could schedule a play-date sometime next week......." At least that's what I am thinking they are having a conversation about. He loves those characters. i am so glad he did not turn away and want to leave. And yes for those that need to know...he did get to "Hug Tuto (Pluto) on da head" Kid cracks me up!!!!
This is my Q showing his true colors. Little bugger did not want to be held or int he stroller....he wanted to touch everything. This made waiting in any lines very interesting...and entertaining for other guests I am sure. Although when we finally got up to the ride he loved it to pieces so I think it was worth the few minutes of crabby Q.
"Hey, Get Up, Get Loud Pumpin' Up The Party Now!" That was one of my favorite memories of the whole trip. There's nothing like a good impromptu dance party in the middle of the street at the magic kingdom. Disney knows how to give us a good time. :)


Katherine said...

Welcome back Jessica! Looks like you had a great time. Miss you. How about late night crop at the store sometime soon so we can hear about the trip?

Elizabeth said...

you got a SLR camera?????? Looks/sounds like you had fun!! I could use a vacation...