Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Renaissance Fair

This past weekend the kids, myself and Doug went to the Bristol Renaissance Fair. This was Doug's first big activity with my kiddos. He's still around so I guess they didn't scare him to much. :)Everyone had a giant pickle on a stick. It was great to watch the kids try and eat them.
Gracie got a flower wreath for her hair which looked adorable!
I think the Pirate ship was a highlight for Q! While Gracie and I were busy posing for photos Q was the coffee making pirate. He kept pumping the water, going back into the room of the ship with all the dishes and "make coffee"
Gracie got her face painted which she was so excited about that she insisted on not washing it off until the next morning so she could show her nana and bapa
They had these awesome lemon ices right inside a lemon!
Both kids made a candle. It was a fun activity and both kids have enjoyed showing their creations to everyone who walks in the door.
At the end of the day the kids and I sat down for one last picture. It isnt easy to capture both kids happy at the same time. Thanks to a little tickling from Mommy, and a Doug who is fast at snapping photos, we got one!

It was a great day had by all!!!

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Beth said...

Cute pics. But where's Doug? Looks like you had a great time!