Saturday, January 22, 2011


As I sat down to write a little ditty about Q I realize that I have no pictures of the little guy lately. Ya know why? He's always running around in his "underpants" (that's what he calls his underwear these days) and a pair of socks. I'm pretty sure that no one wants to see my scantly clad young lad on the blog in only his underpants. So, an older picture will have to do.

He's a funny guy. He has some interesting thoughts that come out of that little almost 4 year old mind. Like the other day I picked him up from preschool and he started with this:

Q: Mommy, when I'm 55 I'm gonna buy a dinosaur.

Mommy: Really, how are you going to do that?, dinosaurs are extinct. (I went into the explanation of what that means)

Q: (He interrupts my little educational moment) Mom, no, no no, not a REAL one, a big giant plastic one!

He went on to elaborate that by plastic dinosaur he meant "a really big one, as big as a real one. "

So, my fellow blog readers in 51 years, if you see a guy walking around with a giant plastic dinosour you will know its Quintin.


AnnaMarie said...

Nice. :)

jmodderman said...

Jessica! I love reading your blog. I love the pics of the kids and I think it's awesome that Q wants a big dinasour. I also think its hysterical that he's gonna wait until he's in his 50's - - - WOW he must have patience!!!