Wednesday, January 05, 2011

One Little Word

I just got out of the shower...I do the best thinking in the shower. It's quit possibly the only time I get to think ALL BY MYSELF. Needless to say I milk the shower time for all its worth. Before stepping into the shower I happened to read my friend Katherines blog. She has decided to join in the One little Word Challenge with Ali Edwards and pick a word to be the focus of her year....I got to thinking. Could I be that deciplined and pick one word for the whole year to focus on? In the end would I have found that it was really another word that best described my focus in 2011? Past tense I am sure I can describe each year with one word. 2010 would be grow. Not only did the obvious happen-my children grew, my family grew, my love grew, my belly grew, but I grew in an emotional way like I could have never thought. So then I go back to the first day of 2010, would I have known that my year would be one of growth? 2009 could be described as true. In 2009 I learned to be true to myself focusing in on what I wanted in my life and REALLY, for the first time welcoming it with open arms. But again, in the beginning of the year would I have known that? Or would I have picked another word entirely and that word would have changed my focus entirely and changed the course of my life for that year. Wouldn't it be great if I could pick a word right now it it could truly shape my life for the next year?

As I sit here typing this with 2 out of 3 children in need of my attention I realize in order to decide if I am going to try my hand at this word choosing task I need another shower to really think it all through with a clear maybe tomorrow I will get that chance. Or maybe, just maybe, after the kids are all sleeping in their beds I will carve out a moment for myself to think.

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AnnaMarie said...

Good luck finding your word. I have the same view...there are certain words that I can "make" apply to any year, but some years are defined by a word, which you find out when the year is over. :)