Monday, May 23, 2011

Another addition of What I Know For Sure.

The smaller the Crocs the cuter they are!!! (Olivia's first pair :)

When you ask a four year old boy to take his picture, you NEVER know what you are gonna get.

I am now not the only purse fanatic in the family....welcome to the club Kayla. ( She brought this Disney Dooney home from her Disney Internship)

This little lady has one amazing voice! She had her first voice recital this weekend and did an awesome job!

Kayla is a smarty-pants
I never thought this would be something I know for sure but as they say you learn something new every day! This hypoallergenic Formula has made my little baby so much happier. After breastfeeding for 8 months and not knowing what it was that she was allergic to we decided it was time to give it a try and in 24 hours she was super happy and sleeping through the night again!

Have a happy day and don't forget to find out what you know for sure!

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