Friday, May 06, 2011

Happy Birthday Gracie!

Miss Grace turned 9 on Monday so here are 9 cool facts about my wonderful little lady intertwined with 9 Scrapbook pages that feature her cute little self!

1-She is a fantastic big sister who helps out whenever Mommy asks.

2-She surprised Doug and I the other day by cleaning our room for us while we were out on a date. What a thoughtful little girl!
3-Shes funny.....very funny!

4-She writes her own music and its very good! (Watch out Taylor Swift)

5-Within the last 6 months she has really gained a lot of independence and forming her own sense of style. ( I think I created a monster in the Handbag department...she loves them!)
6-She Scrapbooks....and her pages are great! I should showcase some of her work on here sometime

7-Her nickname at school is "Sunshine" because she is always happy

8-She is a very talented dancer.

9- When her little brother was in the hospital she took money out of her own piggy bank to bring him a present. What a sweetie.


AnnaMarie said...

Sweet post. Happy birthday, Grace!

Mandy said...

How sweet !! I hope she had a good birthday.. McKenzie's friend turned 8 Monday and guess where she was ??? Our favorite place!

jmodderman said...

Jessica these layouts are WONDERFUL. Although you did have a BEAUTIFUL subject!!! Dear Gracie, I'm sorry I missed your birthday - AND Q's! Boy - I need to brush up on my Aunt skills! Now I'll just have to make it up to you guys! I love you!

Aunt Jen!