Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Boy: A Noise With Dirt On It (Plus a Challenge)

Boys are funny people....4 year old boys are VERY funny people....4 year old boys are VERY dirty funny people!
I used a stamp that I NEVER thought I would use on this you can see above it is a square frame. But, I think its fun to use things I never thought I would. In fact my goal is to keep pulling stuff out I will "never use" and find a way to make it work. Below you can see I used it three times on the layout. So whats something you never thought you would use, but you have? If your answer is nothing I challenge you to use something soon!

1 comment:

AnnaMarie said...

Great layout. And I love that Q thinks we need a's true, we do. That would shake up their little princess and nail polish world!