Sunday, November 13, 2011

 Emotional Scrapbooking

Lately I have been on a very emotional Scrapbooking binge. It can be very therapeutic for me. Not to mention my children get a sense of the real me. Its not always birthday parties and days at the beach. Sometimes its life's most basic moments that bring out the most emotion in me.

This layout "Stay This Way" is about my need to pause the moment that my children are at right now. I just wish that I had a pause bottom in my pocket I could hit so I could love on them a little longer at each age. I just want to soak it all in before we o move onto the next one.
I hid the journaling in an envelope because most people just don't want or care to read all that emotional gobbily-gook.

And then I used some twine from the Twinery....because whats a layout without twine anyway?


sherRae said...

I agree, it's a good thing we scrapbook. Maybe we can't pause time but I'm glad we can at least preserve it. Great layout Jessica.

melissa87 said...

Super cute layout!

jmodderman said...

Jess, I truly wish I could scrapbook like you do! You are so creative. And I agree, having them stay this way would be awesome! I was talking to Andrew the other day as he was driving my car and I said "in my mind you are still 8 years old with a crew cut, wearing your blue shorts (which he lived in) and your yellow soccer shirt". He cracked up lauging! but that image is burned into my mind. Enjoy every minute of your sweet children! Love you guys!