Wednesday, February 13, 2008

HE'S ONE!!!!!!
I can't believe it. My little boy is one year old. It has gone by so darn fast. Her totally destroyed that birthday cake. He seemed so tired after it all. I think you can tell by the picture below. He started off eating the cake as if it could be taken away at any moment. Then as the minutes went on he got slower and slower. It was so cute! So as a tribute to my little man here are some things I love about him.
His smile-the cheesy heres my teeth smile is the best. Makes your heart melt.
When he dances-he just bounces up and down with a very content face. His favorite song is Georga by John Mayer.
His feet- I could kiss his baby feet all day. Maybe that's why it dosen't bother me all that much when he takes his little socks off.
His determination- I love to watch him try and try again. You go Q!
His kisses- Yes slobber and all
When he yells Ma-mom to get my attention. Such a cute facial expression he has when he says it. Gotta capture that on film
How he loves water- he loves it so much he gets mad when you take him out of the tub.
When he falls asleep in your arms- its rare so I savor it every chance I get.
When he tries to share things-thank you sweetie!
His little noises- he frequently sounds like a snake...Ssss-Ssss-Ssss
When he holds is hand in the air- we don't know why he does it but it's really funny.

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Morgan said...

WOW ~ I am pretty posted 2 days in a row. Thanks for sharing! I can't believe he is 1!