Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Bring On The Bling!"

The following 4 layouts were from the class that I had at my local scrapbook store last night. I used all kinds of bling, from metallic paper, to gems to glitter.....lots of glitter! The titles are a bit funky for a class so I tried something new and have left the place for a title blank so that they are able to choose their own. I always like to have funky titles on my pages so why wouldn't my students. Right?

I would recommend the title go in the upper left hand corner of both of these untitled layouts.....hey by the way while you are looking, what should I title the one with Gracie at the pumpkin patch? I just can't decide because the layout really isn't very "pumpkinish" if you know what I mean.
So if you took my class last night...Happy Scrapping and if you are just here for a visit enjoy :)


Elizabeth said...

Pick of the patch???

Elizabeth said...

Fall "leaves" me happy

jessicaj said...

Oh how I love you Elizabeth! Those are both so cute. I think you are the only person who actually comments on my blog. We need to get together soon. And I do not count rooming with you at CHA as soon. LOL

Morgan said...

oh...I like both of those titles also. Good Job Elizabeth!

My computer is finally fixed so I can comment again. YAY! and I have also been trying to post on my own blog.