Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My Kids and a new layout
My kids have delighted me with some cute photos over the past few days. Gracie had her parent observation at Dance class on Monday. Can I just say she is so stinkin' cute when she dances!!!!
Poor little Q has been sick with a viral infection that turned into a double ear infection. So this is what I see of him most of the time. He is getting better but still in need of the nuk, blankie and cuddles with Mom.
Here is my most recent page. I just love this picture of Q at 6 months. The jounaling reads You...are my breath of fresh air, are my sunshine, don't sleep though the night, put everything in your mouth, are so cute, are loving baby food, like to be in the bathtub, are a sweet pea, give kisses, adore your big sister, are not a big fan of green beans, have the sweetest little feet, are six months old. It was a pretty quick layout to do.
As for me. I have been sick myself. I think we all seem to pass it around at this house. It usually starts with Gracie then Q and then to me and maybe back to one of the kids again and then back to me. It gets so frustrating sometimes. But I guess I just have to keep my chin up and scrapbook all the stress away. I will show all my pages when they are done. Although I am thinking about trying out for Memory Makers Masters this year and you can not post those layouts online at all. So I may not post a lot for a while put will still try to get some projects in that I can share.

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Elizabeth said...

Funny, I thought moms were supposed to be invinsible and immune to being sick when their kids were sick : ) (I've been sick since Sunday and my girls were sick most of the week, Cal was sick over the past couple of weeks). Boohoo. Get well soon to both of us, hopefully we won't spend Mother's Day sick in bed!!