Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gracie's Birthday

This past weekend was Gracie's 6th Birthday party with 8 of her friends. It was a princess tea party with crafts and a fashion show. It was the cutest thing! My mom was showing them how to drink their "tea" (also known as apple juice) with their pinkie up. For the fashion show we even had a curtain for them to come out of and we played Hannah Montana music for that portion. The rest of the party we listened to the Enchanted Soundtrack because Gracie was Giselle from the movie. Here she is below in her dress. Here is everyone after the fashion show.
This was the best part of the party. I gave Gracie an American Girl doll and as soon as she ripped some of the paper off and the party guests got a glimpse of the box they started screaming. Then when the cover was off of the doll they became silent in awe of the doll. It was pretty neat! i will never forget that moment.
As for scrapbooking. I have been doing some but I think I will submit them somewhere and the other projects are for classes at my local scrapbook store. So I will be giving you a sneak peak of those later. My class that is at the store next week is almost sold out. It is called "Bring On The Bling" using all bling elements. It is going to be a blast. I love using that stuff and having a full class is so much fun as well. I will post those layouts from the class on that day. If your coming I look forward to seeing you there.....and hey don't be afraid to post a comment. So many people tell me they look at my blog but I don't get to many comments. Feel free to say HI!!!!!!

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Kinsey said...

Hey! Your daughter is super cute and the whole fashion show/ tea party idea is fabulous! Bri would love that...definitely going to remember that one :]

Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog...I'm still learning the ins and outs of blog stuff so it takes me forever and a day to get one little thing "right", haha. It's a learning process I guess. Well, not so much learning as trial and lots of error, lol.

Okay, so before I write a novel in your comments I should probably stop :)

Hugs! Kinsey