Wednesday, July 16, 2008


These are just some of my most favorite photos have have taken over the past few months. These little feet are baby Amaya's. My friends little girl that I so greatfully got to see come into this world.
My little Q man right after he got his little scar on his nose form taking a dive on my moms concreate.
Eric says he looks evil and I think he looks like " Mom, ok thats enough of the camera in my face...I am trying to play!"
Another photo of Amaya smiling at her Mommy!
Now my goal is to get some great photos of Gracie she just is not interested in the whole "pretend Mommy isnt here thing" She says " Why can't I pose for yo with a pretty smile?" Oh Gracie how I love you, you are growing so fast. This week she has MAJORLY gotten into High School Musical. She told me she wants to learn the dance to the song " We're all in this together" Its the one at the end of the movie that every mom of a 6+ year old can sing in her sleep. Except for I do not know if I am ready for all these clothes that say " I Heart Troy" Thats a little much for me. Although I do not think she will be into that part of it quiet yet. She has also discovered Hannah Montana. Not the show but the music is in the van 24/7. She started on her a little bit ago but recently its gotten really big in her eyes. She even asked if someday we could go see Hannah in concert? Some of her school supplies are covered with Hannah and High School Musical....although thankfully most of them are still Tinkerbell and Disney Princess. I hope she never looses the magic of the Disney Princess stuff....I think I would miss it being around.

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