Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer with you my dear Gracie has not been a cake walk. You are so fun but you get bored so super easy, are always hungry and want to be outside even if it is a million degrees out or raining. I read other mothers blogs and talk with my friends and they all make it sound so fun and easy. How does that work? Right now you are watching Arthur but I feel a " I'm Bored" coming on as soon as this show is over. Thank goodness for Arthur, it atleast gives me time to think fo something for you to do. Cleaning your room ususally isn't a popular option but thats all I've got for today Kiddo. You can't even play in there or move for that matter becuase it such a disaster. I think you enjoyed making the mess though. Plus I said no friends over until it is clean. So get the baby clean and you can have your friends over every day!!!! I would give them all a warm welcome!!!!!!! I think maybe that little deal was more a punishment for me then you.

You are dong so much growing latly. More on an emotional level then physical. You still wear a size 4 or 5 and you are 6 years old. You still weigh around 32 pounds. Yet, you always want to eat? You are so stinkin' cute when it comes to the things you say.

Funny story......The other day we went to Kohls to look for some shorts for me. Some of the ones I tried on had a little ribbon as a belt. So I tied it into a bow.

You looked at me with disdain and said "Mom, don't do that."

I replied" it not cool to tie it in a bow?"

You then said"No, thats just not how I roll Mom."

I couldnt believe that my little 6 year old doesn't "Roll" that way. Where on earth did you get that?

The day after it happened I was hanging out with my little sister who just turned 21. As we proceeded to leave the house she said "Lets roll!"

A few hours later we are out and about and I overhear my sis on the phone with a friend and she says ".....yeah thats how I roll...."

Ah-ha! She gets it from my sister. Couple that with the fact that she loves her hot pink nail plish and repeatedly tells me she NEEDS a cell phone of her own. (As well as when I want to tell my hubby something and he is not available at work she hollers from the back seat of the minivan "Text him Mom.....then he can read it whenever") I believe she is 6 going on 21.

I can't text to save my takes me like 5 min to write one sentence. I thought being almost

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