Monday, July 07, 2008

Summertime Photos! (Scrapbook Pages Coming Soon)
Gracie on her way to Girl Scout Camp! I never thought she would love it like she did. She was covered in bug bites and pink from the sun but still could not wait to go to camp each day. I don't think there was a single thing that she did not like.
She tired really hard to make ice cream in a ziplock bag. Let me tell does not work. Gracie was one of the few girls in the unit that actually tried hard to get it made. Most of the time it was the 3 adults that were shaking it up!

Below are two pictures of my little sister and her boyfriend Aaron. He is home for only a few more days from Iraq. When he heads back he will be there for another 7 months. It sounds like a pretty dangerous mission that he will be going on when he gets back. So please keep him and his unit in your prayers. He said it will be at least a month at a time that he will not be able to talk to my sister so keep her in your prayers too. I think she is really nervous. I took these pictures so that they could have some pictures of each other while they are apart! In the second picture it is so obvious that she is able to be herself around him.

My little Q is such a basket case. :)
Gracie is such a little buisness woman this summer. She has a little lemonade stand that she made and intends to sell thoughout the summer to make $100! $50 for Disney and $50 for other fun a Hannah Montana purse.
Check out how she spelled stinkin' cute!
Fourth Of July Parade in Butler! They throw so much candy!!!
Q was sitting on the street just loving every minute of it!

And last but not least little Q on the peer at my aunts house on Lac La Bell in Oconomowoc. He was waving to the little ducklings swimming with their Mama.

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