Thursday, September 25, 2008

I've hit some rough waters in the ocean of life these days. I have learned so much about myself. Here are some of the things that I have learned...

1) I am an incredibly strong woman.
2) Even if I am not hungry its still a good idea to eat.
3) My friends are fabulous!...even more then I ever thought
4) My family is amazing!....even more then I ever thought
5) My son is such a cuddly guy.....he has just started this week. Maybe he knows I need it right now.
6) My faith is stronger then ever
7) A messy mini van does not make you a bad mommy....Gracie told me so :)
8) Not everyone in your life can handle big issues and thats ok! It does not make them a bad person, they just handle things differently then I do.
9) Loosing my scrapbook mojo for a little while is will come back.
10)Singing upbeat music makes me feel better even if just for a moment!


Mandy said...

I hope things are better soon. We are on our way home from Disney World. I thought about you everytime I saw the bodypart kitchen ware. They have so much of it right now.

ehlertmg28 said...

love you sister..all of these are very are my hero..don't ever forget that!