Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Gracie doing the was funny. For some reason the dishwasher has not been drying the dishes. I explained to Gracie that you can not just put them away wet, we have to dry them. So I got her a towel and asked her to help dry them. She proceeds to hum a little toon and dry the dishes. I walked out for a little while and comae back to her stacking the dishes all over the kitchen counters. I asked what are you doing with the piles of dishes and she replied " They are a pretty way" So some she dried with the towel and some she just sat out to dry (I think you can see them pretty good in the picture sitting out all over the place) Oh how I love this little lady. So sweet and such a creative thinker!
Then after Q saw that mommy was taking a picture of "Sis-Er" I comes over, only in a diaper with a grahm cracker in hand saying "Pic-Er Mommy?" He wanted me to take a picture of him. I took a few before I go this one. I came down to his level first and got him directly looking into the camera...then he said "No, no, Mommy" So I thought maybe he didnt want his picture taken. Then I eventually took this one form above and he drops his grahm cracker and clapps saying " Yeah Mommy" Apently he wanted the picture taken from above. He was so excited to see it on the screen of the camera. He kissed himself on the screen saying "Oh, Nice Baby"

Two cute moments from 2 cute kids, one right after another. Sometimes I wonder how could I have been so lucky?

So soon I will be 28......for some weird reason I am not so thrilled that I will be closing in on 30. So I have decided from now on I am 28. So next year when I turn 29 I will still be 28 and so on and so forth. Eventually my little sisters will become my big sisters, and then my children will be older then me. LOL I know its silly and you are thinking who really cares Jess? It's just one of those things that I am quirky about.

So here are 28 facts about me you may or may not know....

1-I take a nap almost every's actually weird when I don't
2-I am "Going Green"
3-I am a breast feeding advocate 6 months with Gracie 13 months with Q
4-I used to be a Starbucks girl but am switching to tea becasue of its health benifits
5-I hate cleaning so much I am hiring a maid this week...seriously she is coming to give me a quote on cost today
6-I could survive without TV but not the internet
7-I hate laundry too, maybe theres a laundry service I could get too. Hmmm
8-I think crocs are the best shoes ever!!!! They even have heels now!
9-I know the delivery schedule for the buisness across the street...Q loves trucks
10-I love the smell of freshly opened paper packs
11-I have an adiction to handbags
12-I sometimes find myslef jammin' out to Hannah Montana after Gracie has left to car. :)
13-I love to peak in on Gracie while she is playing and she does not know I am there. So cute!
14-Repeat #13 just insert Q's name!
15-I go to my fare share of basball games....but I really find them quit boring. Ahhh, what wife will do for her husband!
16-I often wish I would have gone back to school...maybe I still will
17- I think the world would be a happier place if we all learned a little bit from the life of Walt Disney.... he was an amazing poitive thinker and went after what he wanted in life all while putting his family first.
18- I used to think Facebook was stupid but now I am glad I joined
19-I like my showers so hot they make my skin red.
20-I am so proud of my 2 little sisters, but don't tell them enough
21- I am so thankful to my Mom and Dad, but don't tell them enough
22- I adore my friends, but don't tell them enough
23- I like it cold when I sleep so I can put lots of covers on
24-I secretly would love to be a photographer of new born babies and pregnant women
25- I am an awful speller...and I hate that about myself!
26-I still sing into the hairbrush even though I almost 28
27- I will never get sick of my Disney kitchen...I love it!
28- I get all excited when someone comments on my blog.....makes my day :)


Mandy said...

It was cool to read the list about you. I'm on facebook too! How can I find you.

Jenn said...

OMG I need to meet Gracie and Q asap! They are so cute!

Oh, I decided I am never getting older than 27. So this last birthday I had, was the last one ever! I will celebrate every year, but the counting has come to a hault at 27!


Morgan said...

Happy Saturday ~ Hope you and the kids are enjoying the nice weather!

ehlertmg28 said...

this is super cute..and number 20 made me smile...thanks soo proud of you too!