Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Everything becomes a craft project

I think I might suffer from "over-crafty" syndrome.  In this house no gift can leave without a giant bow and handmade tag. No thank-you can go unsaid without a handmade card. No school project can be turned in without a child adding that special something from Mommy's  craft room. No birthday party can go without a handmade touch. No  winter hat can be store bought.

I give you exhibit A:
This is the outside of a letter that I had to write for Gracie. Her teacher asked that we all write her a letter of recommendation for a classroom job that best suited our child. (They have a mini economy and all the kids had to apply for jobs)  Could I just type a simple letter and stuff it in Gracie's backpack? NO WAY! Could I just add one simple stamp? CRAZY! I had to go all out adding a stamp, a butterfly, some bling and of course some doodling. I just cant seem to help myself when it comes to craftiness.

So, please tell me there are others like me?

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