Saturday, December 03, 2011

December Daily Day 2
Today I have some funny Q stories from the day. 

Everyday when we leave school he says "Peace" to his little buddies and flashes a peace sign.
Today he says "Peace.....on earth, goodwill towards men"
I asked  "where did you learn that?"
He responds " Mom, its Christmas, thats what you say in the song" In a very Duh! Mom voice

After we get home from school Q pulls out my camera "To take pictures for the December Daily" and he walks around the house taking pictures and with every snap of the camera he says "Epic!"
I ask "Why are you saying that Q?"
His response "Becasue its gonna be an Epic Christmas Mom!, Epic means the same as cool."
 (Once again he says it in a voice as though he believes I am very out of touch with his lingo)
Mind you the things he was taking pictures are NOT Epic, they are things like our tile floor that desperately needs to be mopped and a close up of the toys spread out all over the Scrapbook room floor.
Then, he comes to take a picture of me and I say "Cheese"
He says " No, no Mom say EPIC!"

Over dinner Q tells the family he is going to share a song he has made up for us.
He shovels in a bite before he stands up and says "I have to stand up for this one"
He starts to wiggle his body like a  cross between a worn=m and one of the Blues Brothers grooving to the music.....

"Stand up,
Hit the lights,
Touch the sky,
Get your credit card,
Everybody goes outside,
Livie stays in here with me,
Oh yeah!"

We were all laughing so hard, as we have no clue where he got this from. To be honest with you I didn't even know he knew what a credit card was. In fact, he still may not but for some reason still said it in his song.

Mind you all of these things are from one day. He is really this funny all the time. I could make a blog of all the funny things he says. Hes a lot of work and very high energy but he is a blast and super funny. We love it!

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Elizabeth said...

I think Q needs a twitter account.